Empower your team with complete information

Enrich your documents with additional context and knowledge

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Enable everyone in your team to be an expert from day one.

Our advanced document understanding technology helps you to fix knowledge gaps in your organization by enabling your people with complete information within the document.

Fix knowledge gaps in your organization

There is always a difference in the way different people read or understand a document. For instance, a junior lead will understand a document differently as compared to a senior manager. Our technology helps bridge this knowledge gap and allows everyone in your company read and understand documents at a similar level. This allows your valuable resources to utilize their time productively, rather than having to talk to seniors or hop to other knowledge sources.

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Configure public/private knowledge bases

Our technology enriches your documents with additional knowledge, context, phrases, acronyms, expansion of short forms and more. Easily embed additional contextual information back into your documents from sources that you define to create rich, interactive content for better document understanding.

Derive meaningful insights from embedded information

Derive more meaningful insights from the rich embedded external information in your documents. Our technology allows you to easily get complete context related to embedded information – without having to go to an outside source. Simply hover over embedded data to view complete information from the outside source.

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Interact naturally and explore complex documents using our
AI-powered cognitive search