Unshackle your team members from search forms

Explore your documents intuitively by interacting naturally

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Interact naturally and explore complex documents using our AI-powered cognitive search.

Our document understanding technology enables you to easily identify and verify correct answers to your questions from multiple documents.

Ask questions – just like chatting with your assistant

Our technology allows you to easily explore your documents by interacting using natural language. After extracting information and enriching your documents using our technology, you can search for information within documents in a much more intuitive and detailed manner.

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Get answers along with references to the source document content

Our search technology gives the best answers to your questions by searching across entire documents, while also offering related answers from other documents. This makes it easy for you to find all relevant answers to your queries from outside of the original document as well.

Compare related documents side-by-side to verify answers

Verify answers provided by our technology using additional context. Gain additional insight by comparing related answers in different documents side by side. Verify the answers provided to improve the accuracy of our document exploration technology.

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Use the power of Botminds AI to identify and extract key information from large and complex documents