Lighten up your document abstraction process

Extract key information from complex documents using AI

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Use the power of Botminds AI to identify and extract key information from large and complex documents

Our advanced AI-powered document understanding technology can help you identify key sections, extract data points and values of interest from your document with ease.

Create structured data from unstructured documents

Going through unstructured documents to extract key information is a cumbersome job. Our advanced technology allows you to convert unstructured documents into structured information in a matter of a few clicks. Our technology will extract key data points and values of interest from documents – which are specific to your business/industry.

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Interactive documents that enable faster browsing

While our technology converts unstructured documents into structured information, it also creates rich, interactive documents that enable a faster browsing experience. Simply click on the data points or values of interest after extraction to easily navigate back to the exact point in the document containing the required information.

Validate extracted data by comparing content

Easily validate extracted values from your documents. For training and validation phase, our ML system requires an extensive feedback loop from humans. By comparing extracted data points with those in the document side-by-side, you can approve or reject extracted data to validate it. We keep track of validation, and feedback is used to improve our technology’s extraction quality.

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