Web Data Mining

Capture and monitor data from the web at scale


Leverage the potential of the web


Automate monitoring and data extraction from thousands of webpages with ease


Reliably extract key information from complex websites with human-like navigation


Evade custom coding and countless rule-based algorithms to address webpage layout changes

Intelligent Monitoring

Reach thousands of websites with auto-navigation of child pages. Detect updates. Retrieve the new information automatically.

Data Acquisition with Awareness

Recognize free-form text, tables, attachments, and PDF files on web pages to capture required information with high accuracy.

Automated web workflows

Navigate to pages without direct links through automation that types, click drop downs, and submits forms.

No Block platform

Fully customizable platform to modify crawling frequency, scrolling speed, click behavior and much more to mimic human behavior and prevent blocking.

Monitor and Mine 10x faster

Increase Revenue

Scale up business through fast, reliable automation. Keep pace with the demands of your customers and the market.

Innovate with new scenarios

Enable scenarios never before possible. Get to massive amounts of data fast to delight customers.

Stay on top of competition

Make better decisions informed by fresh data. Help your customers do the same.

Mine and monitor without being blocked, easily