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Accelerate contracts processing & compliance at scale to empower legal teams.

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Handle massive sets of complex contracts – in minutes

Manage Contract Variations

Manage Contract Variations

AI-powered extraction, classification, vertical search, analysis across 1000+ domain-specific parameters, huge volumes (50000+), 1000+ page contracts, and multiple contract types, sources and formats.

Make Contract Teams Proactive

Make Contract Teams Proactive

End-to-end automation eliminates repetitive, low-value, tedious tasks & gives huge time savings to Legal as well as Sales, Administration, other teams.

Reduce Risk, Improve Compliance

Reduce Risk, Improve Compliance

Avoidance of manual errors, better risk assessment, automated identification of anomalies, risk factors, applicable governing laws, standard & non-standard clauses etc.

Enhance Contract Visibility

Enhance Contract Visibility

Never miss a renewal or other date-based events, flexibly set any data-based triggers & alerts, collaborate on document workflow with multiple users & roles efficiently.

Powerful Contract Automation Platform.

Curated AI powered data extraction from over 50000+ contracts, classification, aggregation and automated insights generation – to enable compliant contracts and efficient closures.


For automated abstraction

Leverage AI-powered extraction of 1000s of data points from unstructured documents from multiple sources (web, cloud storage, APIs etc.); with flexibility to configure any number of relevant parameters; bulk handling of legacy contracts, automated classification of documents based on defined criteria and contract types.


For high-precision contextual results

Powerful taxonomy-based, vertical Search feature with flexibility for users to configure parameters and filters – one-click search results from the entire document can be downloaded in a single output file.


To make Informed decisions

Customize dashboards to set up meaningful insights for users, specific metrics related to contractual obligations, risks, entitlements owed etc. without having to manually go through entire contracts; make better data-driven decisions.


To maximize efficiency

Automate alerts & trigger notifications customized to specific users based on key dates, governing laws, clauses (standard, non-standard) — so that your team stays prepared and is enabled to proactively handle contract stages and milestones; seamlessly integrate with downstream systems (e.g. Salesforce CRM) or repositories via webhooks, connectors etc.

Why choose Botminds Contract Automation and Intelligence Solution?


Enable proactive cost reduction & revenue opportunity identification.


Handle a variety of complex contracts from multiple sources efficiently with accuracy.


Highly configurable, no-code, intuitive interface for non-tech users - secure (with 2FA), role-based access


Eliminate back-and-forth volleying, speed up the workflow significantly.


Powerful, contextual search that enables quick comparisons, bulk modifications etc.




Efficiency Improvement


Cost Saving


Faster than Human

Frequently asked questions about Contract automation and intelligence

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Contract AI, Contract Automation and Contract Intelligence are all various terms used in the industry for Contract Abstraction, Automation & Insights that enables overall Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). The Botminds Contract Automation & Intelligence solution uses AI/ ML capabilities (natural language processing, semantic understanding) to enable businesses of all sizes to accurately and quickly analyse, review contracts, mitigate risk and proactively identify cost saving or revenue opportunities.

CLM solutions handle the entire lifecycle of contracts – from creation to closure, storage and retrieval.

The Botminds AI platform seamlessly integrates with CLM & other systems and sources, upstream and downstream; and significantly boosts the productivity of legal teams and accuracy of contracts. It reduces time spent in comparisons, review and avoid missing out of crucial clauses that can cause huge losses or risks.

Botminds is an AI-powered, one-stop solution for effortless, accurate handling of massive volumes of contracts with a variations in formats, clauses, geographies, currencies, contract types (such as. The platform extracts, analyzes and deciphers the key points in your contracts into actionable data ready to be operationalized and distributed throughout your enterprise.

There are several aspects to review in a legal contract – even experts are likely to miss crucial aspects or make errors – while doing time-consuming and mentally draining repetitive tasks. Contracting parties, often from different organizations, must undergo multiple rounds of negotiations or changes. Our platform allows spending less time on legal review and more time on strategic, higher value work for the teams involved.

We are trusted by leading global companies to empower their legal teams and contract teams.

Yes. You can customize the platform workflow and define any number of relevant data points for contract types handled by your business – across geographies, currencies, governing laws, standard & non-standard clauses etc. The solution performs with high accuracy and speed, even at scale.

Apart from handling scanned legacy contract documents in pdf formats, the list of supported contract document types includes Word (.doc and .docx), Excel (.xls and xlsx), Powerpoint (.ppt and .pptx), OpenDocument (.odt, .ods, and .odp), rich text (.rtf), plain text (.txt), and comma-separated text (.csv) documents. In addition, our platform can also extract directly from web pages and classify, tag keywords and convert to structured output that can be downloaded.

The platform can handle all types of documents, including general contracts, credit agreements, rental & lease agreements, amendments, master agreements and so on. A client with 20+ contract types was onboarded in a less than a week and was able to leverage the system across huge volumes of data sets efficiently.

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