Digital Mailroom Automation

Accelerate and scale mailroom processing with end-to-end automate extraction and routing workflows

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Transform manual mailroom classification into smart, automated workflows

Improve Business Responsiveness

Improve Business Responsiveness

Powerful AI classifies thousands of documents from emails, other sources; extracts key data points; routes them to the right recipient and systems – insurance, claims, contracts, proposals, HR etc. - handling responses in minutes.

Enhance Mailroom Visibility

Enhance Mailroom Visibility

Gain real-time insight of the information entering your organisation while using the appropriate levels of management, control, and security; never lose any information from your inbox.

Reduce Manual Workload

Reduce Manual Workload

End-to-end automation eliminates long hours spent on mundane, repetitive tasks of reading data and documents in emails, and responding or acting; it gives knowledge workers time for strategic and creative activities.

Improved Compliance

Improved Compliance

Continuous checks and controls to support business policies and compliance, adding traceability and records management with accurate insights on all forms of incoming documents, improves decision-making.

Powerful Digital Mailroom Automation Platform

Dynamic AI-powered extraction from 1000s of communications and correspondences, automated classification, analytics and workflow automation to improve process efficiency


For Intelligent Data Extraction

Leverage AI-powered extraction to classify thousands of incoming documents across hundreds of categories, extract key data from any incoming documents through multiple channels of input, including email, fax, web portals, and more


For high-precision results

Advanced powerful search feature for a specific registered email or specific types of mail including incoming, outgoing, internal, external etc. with one single click- to download and save the search result custom views


To make informed decisions

Customizable dashboard and reports of meaningful information for users to customize delivery reports, check mail delivery confirmation, validate extracted data with full context to the original source document and make informed decisions; without having to go manually through inbox


To maximize efficiency

Automate and categorize all emails in a centralized location, set their statuses automatically, trigger alerts and notifications, route to right downstream systems for storage or action – CRM, F&A, HR, Internal/External to the organization; leading to increased responsiveness and time/cost savings

Why choose Botminds Mailroom Automation Solution


Automatically classify and route thousands of incoming documents from various sources via email, fax etc.- customers, vendors, internal teams


Scalable to support higher document volume and more categories


Eliminates manual data entry or reading; converts the extracted content into semantically searchable documents


Reduces time and costs spent on manually classifying and distributing mail


Validates the extracted data with full context to the original source document, eliminating duplicates and errors


Easy to configure with end-to-end automation pipeline without any code – fast delivery and user-friendly


Shortens processing times, routing for faster responses to customer inquiries, common requests etc.


Processing Time Reduction


Improved Efficiency


Documents handled



Frequently asked questions about Mail room automation

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Companies have huge data in the mailbox, thousands of correspondences & communications from various sources - customers, vendors, internal teams and, many stakeholders. These documents need immediate attention and should get routed to right business processes. AI-powered extraction, classification and routing of incoming documents is digital mailroom automation.

Mailroom operations can be complex and chaotic, leading to loss of productivity and efficiency. If documents are not managed proactively in an organization, it can result in lost information and duplicated records, leading to loss of profitability. Moreover, security breaches can have a significant adverse impact on a company’s bottom line business and non-compliance to legal archiving and record keeping regulations will result in fines and reputational damage. it is therefore critical to manage information from its origination point as soon as received.

Businesses across industries and functions like e-commerce, airline, healthcare, finance, HR, Journalism, Marketing and more can use mailroom automation to eliminate manual data entry and convert the content into semantically searchable documents.

>> Faster Implementation

>> Improve business productivity

>> Saves significant amount of time

>> Increased Productivity

More efficient mailroom notices, contracts, and time-sensitive mail will be viewed immediately. All emails will be automated and handled instantly, leading to customer response time, shorter resolution time and overall satisfied stakeholders (internal and external).

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