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Automate call transcripts analysis for competitive advantage

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Go beyond sentiment analysis & entity extraction in call transcript analysis

Customizable business applications

Customizable business applications

Call summaries for sales calls, earning calls, customer service calls etc. - identify potential opportunities to improve customer service, or take investment decisions etc.

Empower Teams

Empower Teams

Leverage deep insights, generate sales conversions, and tap business opportunities based on sentiment analysis of interactions. 

Improve Turnaround Time 

Improve Turnaround Time 

AI-powered call transcript extraction, annotation, and insightful information eliminate the tedious job of monitoring calls, and save time for teams, at scale 

Monitor & Load Transcripts 

Monitor & Load Transcripts 

Transcripts can be loaded from any source immediately, leveraging Botminds AI-powered crawlers

Powerful Call Transcript Analysis Platform

Curated AI-powered information gathering from call transcripts, classification, aggregation and automated insights generation – to improve your business performance


For Intelligent Data Extraction

AI-powered data extraction that accurately captures comprehensive business information from calls - in a few minutes and saves time, makes connections between relevant data points and text in the transcript that is valuable for analysis


For Contextual Results

The vertical search allows seamless search for a specific keyword or phrase in the transcript or find relevant transcripts from the repository of thousands of transcript documents. One can also use timestamps to filter through hours of conversations in seconds


Make Informed Decisions

Customized dashboards to analyse calls, give a birds-eye view of potential opportunities or risks and set up reports and widget in a few clicks, for meaningful insights 


Maximize Efficiency

Generate call summaries and snippets for speedy and efficient handover to downstream systems for easy sharing, leveraging out of box connectors, API and webhooks 

Why choose Botminds Call Transcript Analysis Solution?


Automated call summaries for your calls’ attendees’ post meeting with the searchable keywords, action terms, and recording, all compiled into an easily understandable overview


Makes the customer service quality and training process efficient as agents can review complete calls within minutes


Eliminates the tedious task of loading call transcripts from various sources as intelligent crawlers monitor and load transcripts automatically from any source real-time


Botminds AI reads & understands the transcripts like humans do to extract the information you care about


Train Botminds AI in hours to reduce time and costs spent on manually defining the information you want to extract from transcripts


Deep insights to help you identify and minimize the number of at-risk prospects and customers both in real-time and via historical transcripts. 


Time Reduction


Process Capacity


Cost Savings



Frequently asked questions about Call transcripts analysis automation

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 Call transcription analysis is a process of gathering information from live or recorded calls to gain insights from the conversations – the calls could be meetings with prospective customers, business conference calls, research interviews, earnings calls, customer service calls and so on. Analysing calls for identifying patterns and gaining insights, at scale – is critical. 

Be a business analyst, product manager, marketer, sales manager, or C-suite executive, a more productive way to make your business more customer centric and optimize ROI is to tap into insights found in call transcripts by leveraging automation. 

Traditional Call transcripts analysis are manual, mundane and tedious. Moreover, it focuses mainly on Sentiment analysis. But AI-powered call transcript analysis solutions enhance productivity multi-fold and is beyond sentiment analysis. Call transcripts analysis output helps the business leaders make informed decisions. 

Botminds call transcript analysis solution can be leveraged across industries and functions like Sales, Contact Center, and Finance. Botminds call transcript analysis has some business-critical applications like sales call transcripts comprehension, earnings call transcripts understanding, support call transcripts analysis, etc that is unlike Traditional NLP approaches limit the analysis to simple sentiment extraction while much more insightful information is buried inside the lengthy passages of call transcripts. 

Here are a few benefits of leveraging Botminds Call transcript analysis solution:  >> Centralized space of all customers/ business representative-to-customer conversations  >> Reduces average call-handling time, faster first-call resolution, and minimizes call escalations and transfers  >> Builds up asynchronous communication between the attendees  >> Sets up transparency as post-meeting summaries foster a level of trust  >> Boosts ROI and enhances the wider business reach 

Botminds uses human-in-the-loop automation achieving an accuracy of 97-100% compared to other products in the market. Botminds’ AI-driven technology uses ML to identify and self-learn on topics discussed on calls, independent of manual training making it resilient to errors. 

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