Our AI can read.
You don’t have to.

End-to-end automation to gather and understand text using custom, no-code AI models

Build custom automation to gather, read and understand text from anywhere. All in minutes.

What Botminds AI Does


Gather & Monitor

  • Gather vast amounts of data from disparate sources
  • Access web pages requiring complex navigation
  • Monitor constantly changing data across sources

Read & understand

  • Derive deep semantic understanding from data
  • Use rich visual signals in data to achieve human-like understanding

Validate & Summarize

  • See extracted summary side-by-side with original document or web page
  • Improve future results based on learnings from user validation

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Introduce state-of-the-art technology in the evergreen industry. Say good bye to the risk!


Real Estate

Leverage our revolutionary platform and unlock the insights hidden in millions of websites.


Financial Services

Skyrocket the top-line in all of your finance and banking operations with our intelligent document process automation.

Let's break through your process

Quick Reviews

Botminds AI simply makes reviewing easier and faster. With the help of an intuitive interface, trace your extracted data to cross-check with the original source regardless of the document size.

Large documents

Businesses often face situations where they require to process 1000s of pages. Botminds AI goes the extra mile to handle documents of unlimited sizes and complexity without any hassle.

Document Sets

Making decisions based on multiple set of documents requires a finer logic. Botminds AI has the capability to deliver meaningful insights or results through processing a series of documents with human-like understanding.

Rapid labeling

Rapid labelling, a useful mechanism to hasten training process while dealing with bulk set of documents that are similar in form.

Seamless Workflow

Experience a seamless workflow right from feeding your documents to the system upto getting the results you want. The thoughtfully designed AI system promises to flow smoothly at every stage while enhancing productivity.

Hierarchical Models

Build AI models with hierarchical structures. Apply the hierarchical approach to easily identify the context in the chain of data, and leverage the power of granular level insights.

Why Botminds

90 %
Cost Savings

Save money by adapting our AI based text process automation over manual processes

10 x
Faster Operations

Turn text into insights instantly using out advanced AI models

99 %

Augment AI generated models with human-in-the-loop logic to achieve perfect results

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