Research Process Automation

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Make informed decisions faster and with greater confidence

Accelerate Research Process 

Accelerate Research Process 

Boost analysis and go to market faster while reducing errors by automating information retrieval and abstraction, to aid decision-making

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Reduce cycle time spent with robust AI crawlers to automate monitoring and loading of hundreds of research papers automatically and shift the focus on innovation, experimentation, and discovery

Efficient, Advanced Search

Efficient, Advanced Search

Leverage AI-powered cognitive search with semantic understanding capability of the platform - without having to worry about keyword matching – retrieve relevant information efficiently

Drive Domain Expertise 

Drive Domain Expertise 

Relieve SMEs of tedious research tasks, so they can focus on leveraging domain knowledge; capture SME knowledge with Document AI bots and automated workflows

Powerful Research Automation Platform

Unified no-code platform to simplify the way researchers and analysts search, retrieve information to bridge the gap between discovery and insights


For Intelligent Information Retrieval

Setup in simple steps; load the research papers/reports from any source, any document type, train Botminds AI to read and understand the documents in your 'eyes' by providing few examples of the information you are looking for; efficient and accurate retrieval 


High-Precision Contextual Results

The powerful, smart cognitive search engine indexes every text detail for a comprehensive semantic search from reports, using filter fields and metadata information; Botminds AI highlights the information you need when you open the document, and deep links the data


Make Informed Decisions

Custom dashboards and reports; out-of-box reports and drill-down insights from across research sources to drive informed decision-making


Maximize Efficiency

Automated AI-powered crawlers available out of the box, and customizable as per business need; automated classification and output in multiple formats; sent to downstream systems through APIs and webhooks; and to specific users (workflow automation)

Why choose Botminds Research Process Automation Solution?


Accelerates processing information from large sets of research pages or annual reports or other sources 5x faster


Brings down processing costs and manual errors to zero


Search research data intuitively without having to worry about keywords, syntax, and advanced search forms 


Easily access and import reports from a variety of sources and quickly analyse and make discoveries


Enhanced communication and collaboration across the teams of analysts or scientists with easy-to-access enhanced data visualizations


No need for multiple platforms and tools for better utilization of data by having it available in the centralized storage whenever you need it


Faster Processing Time


Cost Savings


Pages Parsed Daily


Crawling Accuracy

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Information retrieval is a process where the information from a document or a set of documents is sorted and delivered as per the requirements expressed in the user query after examining a collection of documents. 

Leveraging AI in the Information retrieval process automates information retrieval processes from research or analyst reports through automated extraction and classification of data.   Be it an equity researcher gleaning for 'that' one single information edge inside an investment bank or a Scientist searching for that magical molecule in her/his planet-saving vaccine development, the common challenge is combing through the thousands of research papers and reports. While criticality of the information they are looking for is in no doubt, it is monotonous and tedious to read pages after pages for hours and days. 

Botminds AI provides these knowledge warriors the tool they need to reimagine the research process for the AI era. 

Botminds provides end-to-end information extraction (including images, and scanned pdfs) from research sources such as scientific papers, annual reports etc. with very high accuracy.  >> Botminds AI platform has a higher degree of accuracy compared to alternatives in the market   >> Botminds AI template-free ‘Document Automation Platform’; and required no coding  >> It is beyond an RPA or OCR or RPA+ OCR solution  >> The platform continuously learns thereby resulting in better predictions and accuracy 

Botminds platform can extract information from research reports in the form of PDF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, ZIP and other file formats; as well as web pages.

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