Tender Monitoring & Risk Analysis

Speed up your tender screening process and increase bidding confidence

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Enable bid/no-bid decisions by evaluating risky clauses quickly

AI-powered Bid Monitoring

AI-powered Bid Monitoring

Intelligent web crawlers coupled with pre-trained models to understand tender documents, bid request documents, RFQs/RFIs/RFPs and quick onboarding of a new custom tender source.

Automated Risk Evaluation

Automated Risk Evaluation

Red flag clauses are identified and quantified at the clause level; tender analysts receive risk scores when a new tender is uploaded; streamlining an error-prone, labour-intensive process

Accurate Costing, Timely Bidding

Accurate Costing, Timely Bidding

Increase bid confidence by automated assessment of tenders & risk score presented to tender analysts, overall bid teams can respond 10x faster .

Powerful Tender Screening

Powerful Tender Screening

Quantitative and qualitative side-by side-comparison of tender documents to highlight extracted clauses; and anomalies, errors, missing data, important comments.

Powerful Tender Risk Analysis Platform.

Easy-to-use AI-powered web monitoring for bid opportunities; and data extraction from over 1000s of pages of tender documents, classification and insights for quickly screening tenders and improving tender response times.


For automated Extraction

Leverage AI-powered extraction of 10,000+ data points from unstructured tender documents from multiple sources (web, cloud storage, APIs, etc.); with the flexibility to configure any number of parameters relevant to your company or business unit; bulk handling of 1000s of tender documents, automated classification and risk scores based on defined criteria, tender types for tender analysts & bid teams to review.


For high-precision contextual results

Intelligent vertical search to find, shortlist potential tender bid opportunities with just a few clicks and compare or analyse tenders based on defined bid criteria. SMEs can validate extracted clauses side-by-side with the original document.


To accelerate decision making

Customized reports and dashboards with role-based access for assigned users and teams. Downloadable tender information sheets with clauses & key terms can be generated, that link back to the original document location.


To maximize efficiency and quality

Tender analysts save 80% time through documents sets organized for easy analysis, with deep linking and automated risk evaluation. The time spent to prepare tender information, on an average reduced with from five person-days to five person-hours, with Botminds AI. Comprehensive reports, document views, searches, downloads, and more are available in a single-click and with no coding.

Why choose Botminds Tender Monitoring & Risk Analysis Automation Solution?


Automate extraction and analysis of risky causes, terms, and improve the quality of bid decisions (ISG Digital Case Study Award 2021 Standout Winner for this solution)


Problematic tender clauses based on business-specific risk matrices are identified for review and presented to tender analysts- shrinks the time spent on manual identification and scoring of red-flag clauses.


Smart notifications to keep you updated on identified risks, tender bidding status, and more.


Track tender deadlines, other important criteria or parameters with no coding.


Existing tender listing service providers cannot help when you want to track a custom source – with Botminds, get notified immediately when an opportunity arises (intelligent crawlers monitor the relevant sites for tender and bid opportunities).


Early disqualification of unsuitable tenders with intelligent monitoring and analysis; configure according to business model and automate qualification against geographic limits, language, competitive positions etc.


Faster Analysis


Time Saved


Confident Bidding


Onboarding Efficiency

Frequently asked questions about Tender risk analysis

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Tenders are voluminous which usually runs for 1000s of pages, with multiple inter-dependent sub-documents. Responding to such tenders, addressing the risk clauses to identify the right projects to bid on in a timely and accurate manner is a labour-intensive effort.

At Botminds, we leverage the power of AI to comprehend your tender documents and understand risk clauses with human-like intelligence, but without the subjectivity of a human's experience.

Botminds Tender Risk Monitoring & Analysis is designed to help you optimize the potential of your business - every step of the way. Our inherent features allow you to seamlessly sync tender pages siloed across your business into a centralized source containing your most accurate and up-to-date information.

The Botminds solution reduces subjectivity errors and maintains risk matrix specific to a company or business unit –just ensuring accurate risk analysis.

Our customized dashboards allow you to assess the current state of your tenders, identify risky clauses, understand which areas of your tender require your immediate attention, and develop pathways to optimize project readiness while reducing risk, stress, and time typically spent on menial deal upkeep.

The Botminds AI platform can intelligently crawl sites and notify about bid opportunities a cross sectors and geographies. We have handled documents of multiple formats & types across industries. We have worked extensively with construction conglomerates (with operations across geographies), and companies in the Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPCs) space. Our solution is for all industries that deal with tenders at any scale – Telecom, Railways, Utilities & Energy, Power and more.

There is no limit. The Botminds AI platform can handle analysis of over 50,000 tender/bid documents each with 1000s of pages; and extract over 10,000 data points customised to your business to analyse tenders and to enable bid teams close the process with confidence and speed.

With one click an entire folder structure sitting on your desktop can be transferred from your computer to your dashboard. Or simply sync your information through integrations with top providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and others - ensuring your information is always accurate and up-to-date with no changes.

Botminds Tender Risk Monitoring & Analysis solution supports all kinds of file types. Be it normal disclosure documents, special supporting information, or even cryptic technical data, it can all be uploaded to the platform.

Yes. Our platform comes with a comprehensive dashboard that helps you customize the reports so that it meets your reporting standards. You can also use the default template format available on the platform.

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