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Accelerate vendor & customer onboarding with intelligent KYC extraction and adverse news monitoring

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Empower your compliance teams and streamline KYC processes with a single platform

 Faster KYC Onboarding

Faster KYC Onboarding

Reduce hours spent on monitoring & reading documents for customer or vendor due diligence, with automated KYC extraction and auto-classification

 Improve KYC/AML compliance

Improve KYC/AML compliance

Comply with KYC/AML standards issued by the central authority; reduce anti-money laundering (AML) risks by automating information discovery from form or publicly available documents & web pages

Standardize KYC Processes

Standardize KYC Processes

Manual analysis of KYC data and AML risks introduces subjectivity which can be reduced through automation; data being sensitive is automatically masked; tighter security

Scale Up Team Capacity

Scale Up Team Capacity

Ability to extract and analyse large volumes and multiple types of KYC documents & web pages related to client or vendor information, accurately and efficiently

Powerful KYC Automation Platform

A single, unified AI platform to automate discovery of KYC/AML related data from web or documents, extract, classify and analyse data to provide actionable insights; and accelerate the KYC onboarding process


For Intelligent Data Extraction

Leverage AI to extract data from diverse type of KYC documents in application forms (extract Aadhar details, PAN details and Driving license details in India) screen, auto-classify and get structured output summary; SME time required only for output review


For high-precision contextual results

Powerful vertical search feature with defined filters to surface results from multiple KYC forms, including live data; empower compliance/ onboarding teams quickly retrieve relevant documents


To make Informed decisions

Standard and custom reports and dashboards to analyse an easy-to-navigate interface; SME verification is easy due to deep-linking to the source in documents


To maximize processing & efficiency

Role-based access and workflow automation, alerts and notifications; streamline KYC onboarding process with end-to-end automation, reviewed AI output is integrated with downstream systems via webhooks and APIs

Why choose Botminds KYC Automation?


The power of AI and deep learning analyses adverse media contexts even at scale without any human intervention


Botminds AI can be quickly configured to bring all the news and publicly available documents about an entity, completely automating document discovery process


Botminds AI reads and understands all the documents & web pages to surface adverse mentions about the entity in few minutes, saving many hours - one of the biggest challenges in AML process


Simple to verify and create a report for all the entities – Botminds AI does the heavy-lifting of monitoring sources, loading documents, reading documents, structuring the report, etc


Every adverse report is supported by deep linking to the original source document or web page automatically bringing the required traceability


Adverse news monitoring bots can be configured to aid the AML process in minutes




Faster Processing


Cost Saving



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KYC stands for “Know Your Customer.” KYC Onboarding refers to the steps a business or bank or financial institution must take to verify the identity and risk levels of (new) customers or entities such as vendors. The KYC process is performed by businesses to prevent illegal activities such as money laundering or fraud, in return protecting the best interests of both the company and the client.

In India, guidelines have been issued by the central authority - the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) - on Know Your Customer (KYC) norms/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards, that businesses need to comply with.

Ever changing AML regulations & Sanctions requirements makes institutional KYC a critical process in the customer or vendor onboarding lifecycle. Adverse news monitoring cannot be relied upon as a manual subjective process. The number of databases and sources to be tracked is a continuously growing large list, with its compliance process is getting complex. Unstructured documents involved makes it as a subject matter expert (SME) heavy process with lots of checks & balances and huge cycle-time for every customer or vendor onboarding. Penalties for any misses running into millions to serious business implications and further reputation challenges, AML is a key process that needs augmentation by AI to bring in reliability in confidence as well as standardization of the process.

AI-powered discovery of data from documents and web, auto-classification and analysis greatly reduce subjectivity and time involved in manually verifying multiple KYC documents per application. The automated KYC process is remote and paperless process that saves costs, increases efficiency, and tackles challenges that traditional KYC processes pose such as delays in customer or vendor onboarding, misses and errors etc.

Botminds KYC process automation solution can be leveraged by the onboarding teams across industries – Government, Banking, financial services, E-commerce, Insurance, Hospitality, Marketplaces, Logistics, etc. The workflows can be customized as per specific regulations in the industry and as per the needs of the entity.

Botminds KYC Process Automation works seamlessly with documents of varied formats and types. It also supports scanned documents, native PDFs and web sources.

Botminds AI ensures 100% data security. Botminds is ISO 27001:2013 and SOC2 Type II certified.

Botminds AI can be deployed in two modes – both of which are completely secure. 1) SaaS mode – in a multi-tenant model 2) Private Cloud deployment – data does not leave the business’s secure environment

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