Knowledge Process Automation

Improve your bottom line with AI-powered automation of knowledge-intensive processes

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Empower your knowledge workers - Eliminate manual data entry & inefficient processes

Standardize Your Processes

Standardize Your Processes

One platform for your entire workforce eliminating the need to tie together ad-hoc tools and process Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Improve Process Efficiency

Improve Process Efficiency

Automate complex and tedious data-driven process workflows in a single platform for an end-to-end view of the process - enable root-cause analysis, and continuous improvement

Enrich Subject Matter Expertise

Enrich Subject Matter Expertise

Unlock efficiencies that liberates SMEs from tedious tasks, enable them to focus on leveraging deep domain knowledge for enhancing business outcomes of core processes

Onboard Processes in Days

Onboard Processes in Days

Augment training or reduce knowledge loss as knowledge workers can leverage the one-stop shop platform for data & process workflows; and onboard new processes quickly

Powerful Knowledge Process Automation Platform .

Leverage AI-driven knowledge process automation solution to create, map, onboard, and standardize knowledge-intensive processes to enable your business optimize operations .


For automated data extraction

Capture and extract data from documents and critical points in your process; leverage pre-trained models that can be further enhanced to for your specific business processes – to drive operational efficiencies by minimising manual reviews and checks. The human-in-the-loop verification is for minimal manual corrections; SMEs can focus on strategic, knowledge-driven activities.


For high-precision contextual results

The customized reports dashboards to help you visualize key insights from captured knowledge cross. Multiple users and user roles can be configured to have access to specific data & workflows.


To make Informed decisions

Customize dashboards to set up meaningful insights within a few clicks for multiple sources monitoring at lightning speed.


To maximize productivity and quality

By nature, the core processes of a Knowledge Service organization are document-rich requiring subject matter expertise, with heavy workflows. Enable high-quality of data, well-defined and standardized process workflows, thus enabling SMEs and knowledge workers

Why choose Knowledge Process Automation and Intelligence Solution?


No more mundane work, automate and reduce the cost with increased productivity.


Configure workflow automation customized to the business process


No-code platform; SMEs and knowledge workers can enhance their productivity with ease


Reduces friction, time and inefficiencies in onboarding new processes


Standardize existing processes and adoption of SOPs – enable bottom line efficiencies


Reduce manual, error prone, repetitive tasks in data entry and business process operations




Cost Saving


Onboarding Time Saving



Frequently asked questions about Knowledge process automation

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Knowledge Process Automation is AI-powered that enables a business to automate capture of unstructured data residing in documents and/or web as part of the workflow; drive process efficiencies and enable automated workflows.

Botminds Knowledge Process Automation Solution is for knowledge-intensive organizations with domain-heavy, document-driven workflows to help them improve productivity, process efficiencies and reduce manual work, errors or loss of information. It is also for knowledge service organisations who provide these services to their customers.The Botminds Knowledge Process Automation enables knowledge workers to focus on high-value work that augments revenue, reduces costs and streamline processes.

Botminds Knowledge Process Automation & Intelligence platform utilizes human-centric AI to automate complex, knowledge-driven processes, helping line-of-business users across industries to work smarter. It is an AI-first, no-code and vertically integrated platform that enables customisable workflow automation.We are trusted by leading global companies to optimize their knowledge-intensive business operations and reduce dependency on external organizations for the same. In addition, we are trusted by organizations who provide these services to their clients.

Yes. You can customize the platform workflow and define any number of business knowledge– across geographies, processes, user roles and more. The solution performs with high accuracy and speed, even at scale.

Apart from handling scanned documents in pdf formats, the list of supported knowledge document types includes Word (.doc and .docx), Excel (.xls and xlsx), Powerpoint (.ppt and .pptx), OpenDocument (.odt, .ods, and .odp), rich text (.rtf), plain text (.txt), and comma-separated text (.csv) documents. In addition, our platform can also extract directly from web pages and classify tag keywords and convert them to structured output that can be downloaded.

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