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Efficient and Reliable Patent Research for better decision-making

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Empower your Patent Research Analysts with comprehensive patent research automation

Faster Patents Filing

Faster Patents Filing

More patent applications drafted and reviewed in less time with regulation-compliant tools and workflows (e.g., USPTO) with cognitive search across web and repositories providing relevant inputs

Elevate Patent Professionals

Elevate Patent Professionals

Empower patent practitioners with AI-powered analysis to reduce tedious manual research and data entry tasks, semantic understanding to obtain abstracts from multiple documents

Intelligent Patent Monitoring

Intelligent Patent Monitoring

Automated monitoring of filed patents, industry-related news, journals, competitive patent monitoring; though semantic understanding based-research

Reduce Patent Costs

Reduce Patent Costs

End-to-end smart automation helps patent practitioners draft patents, respond to office actions etc. efficiently, saving time and costs

Powerful Patent Research Automation Platform

AI-powered extraction, search and abstraction of patent information across patents in the repository and web – for more efficient patent applications and lifecycle management


For intelligent data extraction

Leverage AI-powered extraction of relevant data from the patent repository, emails, other unstructured data sources for patents, and/or monitoring web sources; obtain summary abstracts for research analysis or data points to fill patent application etc.  in minutes


For contextual results

Powerful vertical Search with filtering options and semantic models enables you to build queries and effectively check all parts of a patent application draft—from patent claims to patent drawings and everything in between for generating valuable insights


To make informed decisions

Create custom reports and dashboards; easy to verify the information extracted using deep linking; provide insights to SMEs; report on virtually any risk detected and mitigate the risk of rejections and other hurdles in patent drafting and more


To maximize efficiency

Generate output in downloadable formats or automatically pass them on to your downstream systems for reports & insights generation through APIs. SME effort is restricted to AI output with minimal manual intervention

Why choose Botminds Patent Research Process Automation Solution?


Automatically extract and analyse data from any sites related to patent-related research in minutes


End-to-end automation from automatic extraction to manual verification, all in one platform


Set up AI-powered, no-code intelligent crawlers to load patents from 1000s of databases automatically


Point and click configuration, no-code AI with semantic understanding


Proactive prevention of manual errors in activities such as identifying, classifying, and extracting Applicant, Class, Claim and Invention details from the patent


Reduced time of Manual Intervention in SME training and result prediction


Faster Processing


Improved Efficiency





Frequently asked questions about Patent search automation

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Patent Research Automation is an AI-packed solution, that loads the patents, and then identifies, classifies, and extracts Applicant details, Class details, Claim details, and Invention details from the patent automatically. Analysts can see the incoming document getting auto-classified and the needed information getting extracted in a structured summary without any manual intervention. 

Challenges in Patent Research Automation -  

>> Human-prone errors that calls for multi-level reviews  >> SME-intrinsic manual processes – automation, while bringing efficiency, is a challenge  >> Unique content in each set of documents or each new patent – which makes training and model-building a challenge 

Manual generation of all keywords and performing the search operation across millions of patent articles for prior checking consumes a long time. Rule-based automation systems intended to replicate this task run across several databases and jurisdictions break and fail to cover the edge cases, as there is no uniformity in the webpage structures and formats. Hence, unreliable information becomes a big obstacle for decision making.  

Also, many intentional vaguely filed patents are hard to analyse just by simple keyword research. Semantic understanding-based research is need of the hour there.  

When it comes to managing, manual monitoring of filed patents, industry-related news, and journals, competitive patent monitoring, etc., is inefficient. It limits the ability to reach a vast stretch and usually misses critical information.  

To understand a patent better, extensive reading with subject-matter experience is required. Human subjectivity in research may lead to inaccurate result generation. Botminds helps you overcome these unsolvable challenges through an end-to-end patent research automation solution. 

Businesses that are looking for improving their improve the efficiency of their patent research process should harness the power of the Botminds Patent Research Automation solution. Botminds helps you summarize your patent articles within a few minutes without any manual intervention. Patent research becomes 10x faster, providing a competitive edge, and revealing new technology and business opportunities.  

Botminds can generate keywords based on the patent and automatically retrieve the prior arts for all keywords by doing Intelligent Crawling across 1000s of sources without requiring any coding. With reliable automation, your process never breaks with changing layouts and formats. Augment the research analysts to automatically capture hidden and critical information using the semantic understanding that are undetectable by keywords. Any sites related to patent-related research can be onboarded in a few hours, giving you real-time updates to make reliable decisions. Botminds helps you summarize your patent articles within a few minutes without any manual intervention. Your patent research becomes 10x faster. 

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