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Review and analyse voluminous case documents in minutes

Efficient Case Extraction 

Efficient Case Extraction 

AI-powered, automated extraction of relevant data from case documents from websites, email, local folders, etc based on relevant keyword combinations

Faster Case Analysis 

Faster Case Analysis 

Captures and extracts information from case documents of any format, layout, or source including old scans – and digitizes the output in structured formats for easy review and analysis

Empower Legal Professionals 

Empower Legal Professionals 

End-to-end discovery automation eliminates repetitive, low-value, cumbersome, error-prone tasks & gives huge time savings to lawyers and the business

Detect Risks, Improve Resolutions 

Detect Risks, Improve Resolutions 

Effectively identify risks and mitigate them with automation of discovery steps and communication to the team and external entities

Powerful eDiscovery Automation Platform

Leverage AI-powered data extraction to process and analyse thousands of case documents across format and type, integrate deep insights to manage risks, and make more informed decisions


For automated extraction

Configure and automatically extract from case documents from any source - website, email, local folders, etc. with the flexibility to scale up to bulk handling of case documents including the complex ones; automated classification of documents based on defined criteria and case type.


For seamless search

Botminds AI cognitive search is powerful for conducting large-scale searches with defined configurable parameters and filters, search results picked by machine learning models against keyword-based indexes; get semantically relevant results instead of just keyword matches. 


Make informed decisions

Customize dashboards to provide meaningful insights to lawyers; specific metrics related to keywords, phrases, and personal information without having to manually go through case documents; mitigate risks and make better data-driven decisions. 


To maximize processing & efficiency

The cloud-based platform enables sharing of extracted data points across teams and systems via workflow management & integrations (via APIs, webhooks) to downstream/upstream legal or other systems. 

Why choose Botminds eDiscovery Process Automation?


Augment legal professionals - reduce manual tasks, automate processes end-to-end, cut costs and simplify case analysis  


Handle a variety of complex cases from multiple sources efficiently and with accuracy.  Evaluate the entire set of case documents from a shared location and auto-uploads every new case document without human intervention


Quick, relevant search results - semantically relevant instead of just keyword matches – from a repository of thousands of documents


Scale Botminds AI trained in your way of case analysis in hours with no-code point & click activities


Up to 100% accuracy that improves over time with prebuilt taxonomies, human-in-the-loop-automation & self-learning


Faster Case Analysis


Accuracy with HITL


Cost Reduction



Frequently asked questions about E discovery process automation

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eDiscovery process automation is the process applied by legal professionals to obtain valuable information regarding a case while reducing costs, enabling insightful analysis and quicker resolutions. It is a legal procedure in the US, by which involved parties are required to exchange information and evidence through electronically stored information (ESI), such as emails, computer files, and databases with one another in state and federal courts. 

Key challenges in the legal discovery process are -  

>> Deluge of documents and less time to process are the biggest problems lawyers face in a case analysis >> Training more 'eyes' to do the eDiscovery being always a fragmented process with varying skills of people, this process is never scalable process >> Notwithstanding the complexities with search, loading new case documents, maintaining the references are other cumbersome and error-prone activities in this process 

AI-powered automation can address these challenges effectively 

Botminds eDiscovery allows legal professionals to handle voluminous case documents in minutes. The automation solution automates common discovery steps such as data ingestion, file indexing, analysing, and more for documents to be produced as final output to make better decisions. Once data is ingested into platform from any source via the AI crawlers configured through no-code and click activities, legal teams can begin reviewing the data, creating keyword combinations to find documents, and simultaneously reviewing the data with the actual sourced document simultaneously.  

Botminds eDiscovery process automation is cloud-based and vertically integrated, thus making it possible to scale based upon business requirements without any extra costs of third-party integrations. 

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