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Scalable, AI-based web crawlers to ‘reach’ and ‘read’ web pages

‘Reach’ sites dynamically

‘Reach’ sites dynamically

AI-powered web crawlers that do not rely on rules or scripts and can reach new URLs & relevant links multiple levels deep - extract data and auto-classify them; scans sources (pages) for changes in relevant data at set frequency

Eliminate tedious manual ‘reading’

Eliminate tedious manual ‘reading’

Semantic understanding using NLP and deep learning accurately extracts only required data from the pages & classifies it; automation enables faster scraping, saves human time & errors - time-to-market advantage over competitors

Scalable & Actionable Insights

Scalable & Actionable Insights

Can scan 1000s of websites and millions of pages a day, continuously check & improve crawler quality through point-and-click feedback from SMEs; Dashboard & drill down insights based on extracted data

Way beyond crawlers

Way beyond crawlers

AI-powered crawlers that counter website banning and blocking techniques, have human-like browsing behaviour; performs much more effectively than rules-based crawlers like Brittle Regex or XPath

Powerful Web Data Extraction Platform

Dynamic AI-powered data extraction from the web; and classification, aggregation, automated insights generation for actionable business insights


For Intelligent Data Capture

Monitor and extract (only relevant) data from 1000s of websites and millions of pages automatically; handles proxy management, data parsing; infrastructure management; overcoming fingerprinting anti-measures, IP blocks, CAPTCHAs; renders JavaScript-heavy websites at scale, and more.


High-Precision Contextual Results

Vertical search engine with query filters that enables filtering of data and pages extracted based on parameters required – e.g., SKUs above a defined price, competitors with large deal contracts in a specific service offering and so on.


To Make Informed Decisions

Set up at-a-glance dashboards and reports with a few clicks – meaningful business insights that enable decision-making; interactive charts and drill down analytics


Maximise efficiency

Automated AI-powered crawlers available out of the box, and customizable as per business need; automated classification and output in multiple formats; sent to downstream systems through APIs and webhooks; and to specific users (workflow automation)

Why choose Web Data Extraction?


Extract any form of web data at scale, with no code in real-time.


Build your own AI crawlers with existing coding examples


Overcome throttling and other blocking challenges with our in-built crawling mechanisms.


Much more effective and accurate than Brittle Regex or XPath or other rule-based crawler


Navigate pages intelligently by using the ability to record & replay crawlers


Continuous check on the crawler’s quality through feedback from SMEs delivers data of high quality.


Get rid of the manual maintenance of data pipelines each time source data or API changes. With web data extraction, SMEs work less


Crawling Accuracy


Improved TAT


Pages parsed per day


Cost Saving

Frequently asked questions about Web data extraction automation

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A web data extraction is a process of automatically collecting or retrieving structured and unstructured data from web pages – with static and dynamic content.

The Botminds web data extraction solution further delivers the extracted data in multiple output formats for download, or to downstream systems through out of box integrations.

Internet is the humongous source of useful data – not all of which is available in a ready-to-use format.

Also, this information is always available in a direct link - however one needs to ‘reach’ it. 'Reaching the page' & 'Reading the page' are the two orthogonal problems in any web data extraction project.

Most organizations resort to a semi-automated approach rule-based crawlers with manual maintenance are used to solve the 'Reach problem' and complex human-intensive process to solve the 'Reading problem' via manual extraction.With the Botminds AI platform, enterprise users can create AI crawlers with few points & click activities, deploy, and scale to suit their needs

The unique capability of record & replay makes crawlers navigate pages intelligently.

Crawler quality can be continuously checked & improved through feedback from SMEs.

The Botminds AI platform leverages crawling mechanisms for throttling and other blocking challenges - inbuilt at scale.

AI crawlers overcome even structural changes in pages since it 'reads and understands'the entire page to zero - in on the required information.The solution can also integrate into your current systems through APIs and webhooks.

Businesses across industries and functions like e-Commerce, Airlines, Healthcare, Finance, HR, Media, Marketing, Fashion,Education, Banking, Financial Services and more can use web data extraction to understand customer needs, monitor competitors, get insights and take smart decisions.

Intelligent web crawling can be leveraged in innumerable ways to benefit businesses - lead generation;gain competitor insights along multiple dimensions– financial, deal contracts, ESG parameters, price comparison and so on;conduct market research, cost analysis, company profile analysis, press release & media monitoring for multiple purposes etc.

Leveraging web data extraction in the e-commerce industry is beneficial for competitor price monitoring, SKU monitoring etc.

Yes. Web data extraction can be leveraged in finance to make smart investment strategies and decisions based on extracted information. Insurance and financial services firms can mine a massive seam of data to design new products and policies for their customers.

Yes. You can customize the platform workflow and build or customize any number of AI crawlers through simple, point-and-click activities. The solution performs with high accuracy and speed, even at scale. You can customize and narrow down or broaden monitoring as per your business requirement and standards. The solution can handle any monitoring frequency, any number of parameters/ data points, any number of sources - across geographies, webpage formats, reporting standards, terminologies.

Botminds platform offers Google Cloud storage, email, Dropbox and Google Drive for delivering data storage and the format in which the data is delivered can be CSV, TSV, JSON, XML and more.

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