Gen AI-Powered Voice of Customer Automation

Automate and enhance customer interactions, with streamlined support tickets, and offer real-time insights to customer service agents powered by Gen AI.

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Redefining Customer Service Excellence leveraging Gen AI

Automate Customer Interactions

Automate Customer Interactions

Leverage chatbots and virtual agents that understand context and sentiment for effective and empathetic interactions.

Gen AI Powered Recommendation Engine

Gen AI Powered Recommendation Engine

Automatically categorise and route support tickets to the appropriate teams using AI algorithms.

1-click Ticket Creation

1-click Ticket Creation

Automatically categorise and route support tickets to the appropriate teams using AI algorithms.

Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

Utilise customer interaction data for in-depth analytics, enabling proactive customer service strategies.

Revolutionary Voice of Customer Automation Solution

Incorporate Generative AI-driven functionalities into your customer service operations, from automating routine tasks to complex decision-making processes.

Multimodal Data Processing

Transform Unstructured Data into Actionable Insights

Utilize Generative AI to intelligently extract and interpret thousands of data points from diverse, unstructured documents. Our algorithms go beyond mere text recognition, adapting to context and improving over time. Flexibly configure parameters and efficiently handle bulk legacy contracts.

Centralize Knowledge with Generative AI

Efficiently Ingest and Understand Millions of Unstructured Data Points

Let Generative AI algorithms auto-curate your contract management system. Receive personalized alerts, milestones, and notifications that are critical to your business, and effortlessly integrate with downstream systems like Salesforce CRM.

Data Enrichment

Automate, Catalog, and Synthesize Unstructured Data

With our Generative AI capabilities, transform raw unstructured data into a rich, connected, and easily searchable knowledge graph. Stay prepared and proactive by setting up alerts based on data-driven insights.

Intelligent Search

Achieve High-Precision, Contextual Search Results

Our Generative AI doesn't just find keywords; it understands context. Customize your search parameters and get precise results that can be easily exported in a convenient format.

Intelligent Governance

Empower Informed Decision-Making

Leverage Generative AI to derive meaningful insights and metrics related to contracts, obligations, and risks. Create custom dashboards that allow you to make data-driven decisions without manual intervention.

AI-Powered Workflow

Automate and Personalize Your Workflows

Use Generative AI to customize alerts and notifications based on specific criteria. Our intelligent algorithms enable seamless integration with CRM systems and other repositories, ensuring that your team stays ahead of the curve.

Why choose Botminds Gen AI-Powered Customer Service Copilot?


Integrate seamlessly with existing customer service platforms.


Enhanced customer satisfaction through AI-driven personalization.


Significant reduction in response and resolution times.


In-depth analytics for continuous service improvement.


Customer Satisfaction


Faster Resolution


Faster Resolution


Reduction in Operational Costs

Frequently asked questions about Voice of customer automation

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Our solution offers APIs and connectors for seamless integration with your existing customer service software, including CRM systems and ticketing platforms.

Yes, our advanced AI algorithms are capable of sentiment analysis, allowing the system to understand customer emotions and respond accordingly for a more empathetic customer interaction.

We adhere to stringent data security protocols to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of all customer data. The platform is fully GDPR compliant.

The system provides in-depth analytics on customer interactions, ticket resolutions, agent performance, and more. These insights enable proactive and data-driven customer service strategies.

Absolutely, the Gen AI Customer Service Copilot is built to scale with your business needs. Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, our solution can adapt to your evolving customer service demands.

We offer comprehensive training modules to get your team up to speed, along with ongoing technical support to ensure you're getting the most out of our solution.

Our solution is designed to assist, not replace, customer service agents. It automates routine tasks and provides real-time insights, enabling agents to focus on more complex issues and offer a personalized customer experience.

Yes, our solution has multilingual capabilities to cater to a global customer base.

While ROI can vary, customers typically report a significant increase in customer satisfaction, a reduction in response and resolution times, and operational cost savings.

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