Document Understanding

Turn huge, complex documents into actionable intelligence

Unlock value from your documents


Read hard to process data like free-form text and tables in a human like fashion


Understand massive documents with thousands of pages, and sets of interrelated documents


View same set of extracted values across multiple documents as a comprehensive summary


Extract key attributes or clauses from free-form text with high precision.


Classify documents and emails into buckets with human-like understanding.


Validate extracted data in context of the source information. Improve result quality through corrections using our intuitive interface.


Leverage our APIs and RPA end points to seamlessly integrate with upstream and downstream tools.

Alleviate your document process hurdles

Cut cost

Eliminate boring, redundant reading tasks. Refocus your subject matter experts’ time to higher value tasks.

Increase efficiency

Scale up transaction volume and improve customer experience with 10x-300x efficiency enhancement.

Rapid onboarding

Kickstart automation of new document process scenarios with fewer than 1% of the training examples than standard AI algorithms.

From data import to validation, our goal is to make every step easy