Botminds V21 Release

18 December 2023

‌Botminds v21 – a complete enterprise GenAI platform, is publicly available now. 2023 is the year of LLM & Generative AI. As an ode to this monumental year, in V21, we have loaded every layer of the Botminds AI platform with GenAI capabilities. Reimagine enterprise processes and unlock many fold efficiencies with the world’s first Unified GenAI Platform for Enterprise GPTs, Workflow automation and Governance.

Key Highlights of V21

Generative AI takes centre stage, with new LLM-powered content creation activities and LLM-based derivation,  support for more open source LLMs, massively enhanced Prompt Labs, Improved custom chain support, etc are the key highlights of this new release.

Enterprise GPTs

Botminds AI is thrilled to announce the simplest way of creating Enterprise GPTs. Every Botminds project can be converted as domain-specific Enterprise GPT without additional effort.  

Improved PromptLabs

We have improved our PromptLabs as our commitment to enhancing user interaction with Generative AI. This feature takes the intuitiveness and efficacy of AI prompts to a new level, enabling more precise and meaningful outputs.

Custom chains as Models

We've simplified the integration of the chat feature with your pipelines using custom chain support with Langchain. This enhancement makes chat interactions more efficient and tailored to your specific workflows.

Workflow Automation

Content Creation flow

In this release, now you can create your content and ingest into our portal platform. You can design your form template and use them to ingest the data as a document into our platform for further processing.‌‌

Create complex legal documents like contracts, NDA with one click!

Post-extraction processing using Natural Language

Now we have integrated our derivation logic with the LLM, which will now perform post-operation with the extractions.

Multi-threaded workflow

Initially our document can only be processed at single stage, and assigned to a single user, but now we brought in an option to have a document in multiple stage and can be assigned to multiple users concurrently, by this document flow can be improvised and parallelized the process.


Chat to Chart

With the latest update, we have added more chart options like text cloud, gauge meter and other charts to the widgets in the dashboard.

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Natural language filters

We never stop amazing the user with our user-friendly features, now we have added more option to filter widget where user can use the natural language to query the widget data and filter the values accordingly.  

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Structured Data – enrich & and converse

We also enhanced the experience of copilot with the help of context aware chat support, which provides answers based on the page you are using.

New widgets

Dashboard can’t be lively if they miss the option to filter all the widgets data based on values, which can be now achievable with the help of filter widget, where you can filter based on extraction or the meta properties of the documents.

Document Intake – Stability & Scalability improvements.

Ingestion dashboard

A centralized hub for monitoring the status and performance of document ingestion, providing real-time insights and analytics to ensure optimal operation.

Infra dashboard

Maximize Efficiency with Real-Time Insights

We are proud to announce the launch of the Infrastructure Dashboard in the latest release of the Botminds AI platform. This new feature is specifically designed to empower businesses with real-time insights into resource consumption and the associated financial costs of utilizing the Botminds AI infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive Resource Monitoring: Keep track of how computational resources are allocated and used across your Botminds deployment to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Financial Transparency: Gain a clear understanding of the financial implications of your resource usage, with detailed reporting on the money spent, aiding in effective budget management.
  • Cost Optimization: Identify cost-saving opportunities through in-depth analytics, enabling informed decisions to streamline operations and reduce unnecessary expenditure.
  • Trend Analysis: Utilize usage trends and patterns to forecast future needs, scaling resources intelligently to match your business requirements.
  • Proactive Alerts: Configure custom alerts to be notified of critical thresholds in consumption or spending to prevent budget overruns and ensure fiscal responsibility.

Configurable Intake Priority

Our innovative approach to document ingestion categorizes documents into different priority queues based on page count, ensuring more efficient processing.

Zip file support

Our Platform now supports the ingestion of documents in ZIP file format, simplifying the process of uploading bulk documents and reducing the time required for data entry. This feature is particularly useful when working with large datasets or when transferring files from systems that automatically package documents into ZIP formats.


Custom Connectors for private sources

As we broaden our horizons, so does our platform's connectivity. Enjoy custom connector support for more efficient data ingestion into our platform. Our custom connector feature allows for seamless data integration from a variety of external sources directly into the Botminds platform. This means that users can now gather and amalgamate data from diverse platforms without the need for third-party integrations, ensuring a smoother, more integrated data flow.

Other Improvements

Language Localization

In recognition of our global user base, we now offer native language support, making our platform more accessible to users around the world.

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Deep clone

For this release we finetuned our clone feature, to streamlines project replication to fine granular level, ensuring accuracy, reducing setup time, and facilitating test environments, reducing human error and facilitating efficient project scaling.

Add New Project -> Select-> Import-> select the project name you want to replicate.

This deep clone features replicates everything from Data Ingestion Sources, Users and Roles of a Project, Existing RPA Bots, Prompts, Workflow Stages, Studio Overview Settings, Data Feeds, Exports, Action Pane, Document List View, and Dashboards.

Navigation Menu configurations

Personalize your experience with custom menu options in the navigation menu. This feature allows for the creation of multiple custom menus for the portal, dashboard widgets, and document views.